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Staying Fit Physically As Well As Mentally

Jul 23, 2014 | BFD Lifestyle

I am working to stay fit physically as well as mentally.  In my experience both work hand in hand.  When I am exercising on a regular basis my body feels better, my energy level is high and my overall mental state is happy!  Exercise is emerging as an extremely valuable way to enhance brain health.

Studies show a 30 minute brisk walk can improve blood flow to the brain, boosting neural growth factors and brain connectivity.  Simple changes in your daily routines can enhance your brain also.  Try engaging different parts of the brain to do familiar tasks.  Brush your teeth or eat your food using your non-dominant hand.  Theoretically, that can strengthen the pathways in the opposite side of your brain.  Using your non-dominant hand to eat will help you eat slower, also healthy for your body.  Along with eating slower, eating or drinking dietary proteins are essential for the body and brain.  Proteins are responsible for cell construction, growth, and repair. Think of anything that grows…hair, skin, fingernails, muscle, new blood cells, etc., it’s the energy from proteins (Amino Acids + Nutrients) that’s making this occur.  Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein.  Proteins develop many networks in the brain.  The bodies of cells are directed by protein and this increases amino acid activity.  Most amino acids that your body receives are from the protein you ingest.

So why not start your physically fit body and your mentally fit brain with a BFD protein drink every morning?   Exercise and BFD Protein not only does your body good, it does your brain good too.